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  • Wall Mounted 5000VA Servo Motor Type Voltage Stabilizer GN series with Digital Meter
  • Category:Wall Mounted Stabilizer
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    • Wall Mounted Servo Motor Type Voltage Stabilizer GN series with Digital Meter display



      + Single phase servo motor control

      + Wall mount, strong metal case

      + High precision regulation output

      + Pure copper winding coil, variable transformer

      + Digital meter display

      + Fully automatic MCU controlled circuit

      + Available power capacity from 5KVA, 7.5KVA, 10KVA, 12KVA

      + Full protection: over voltage, under voltage, overheat, overload, sag and short circuit

      + Delay Time to protect the equipment from rapid fluctuations

      + CE certified



      + Refrigeration equipments: fan, refrigerator, chest freezer, cooler and air conditioner

      + Kitchen appliances: microwave oven, rice cooker

      + Entertainment appliances: TV, DVD, VCR, DVB, HiFi

      + IT & Office equipments: PC, workstation, fax machine, photocopier

      + Heating systems: gas boiler, circulation pump 



      Model GN-5000VA GN-7500VA GN-10KVA GN-12KVA
      Power 5000VA 7500VA 10000VA 12000VA
      Technology Fully automatic MCU controlled circuit + toroidal transformer
      Transformer Copper Servo Motor Type Transformer
      Input Input voltage range 150-250V AC
      Input frequency 50Hz
      Output Output voltage 220V AC / 220V+110V
      Output precision ± 3%
      Delay Time  6s /180s selectable
      Efficiency 95%
      Phase Single phase
      Display Digital meter Output voltage
      LED indicators Green LED Indicating power ON/OFF
      Yellow LED Output suppressed, indicating the machine is executing protection,when protection finished,goes off
      Red LED Output suppressed, indicating the machine is executing protection,when protection finished,goes off
      Protection High voltage Output cutoff + red LED
      Low voltage Output cutoff + red LED
      Over load Output cutoff
      High temperature Output cutoff
      Short circuit  Circuit breaker trip off
      Cooling system Air Cooled
      Safety standards CE (LVD + EMC) , EN60950, EN55024
      Operating conditions Operating temperature -5 - 45
      Stroage temperature -15 - 45
      Operating relative humidity 10%RH - 90%RH, Non-condensing









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