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  • Single Phase 2000VA Servo Motor Control Voltage Stabilizer SVS series with LCD Display
  • Category:Servo Motor Type AVR
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    • Single Phase Servo Motor Control Voltage Stabilizer SVS series with LCD Digital Display



      + Single phase servo motor control

      + High precision regulation output

      + Pure copper winding coil, variable transformer an buck-boost transformer

      + Colorful big LCD screen display

      + Fully automatic MCU controlled circuit

      + Available power capacity from 0.5KVA to 30KVA

      + Full protection: over voltage, under voltage, overheat, overload, sag, surge, spike and short circuit

      + Delay Time to protect the equipment from rapid fluctuations

      + CE certified



      + Refrigeration equipments: fan, refrigerator, chest freezer, cooler and air conditioner

      + Kitchen appliances: microwave oven, rice cooker

      + Entertainment appliances: TV, DVD, VCR, DVB, HiFi

      + IT & Office equipments: PC, workstation, fax machine, photocopier

      + Heating systems: gas boiler, circulation pump 



      Model SVS-500VA SVS-1000VA SVS-1500VA SVS-2000VA SVS-3000VA SVS-5000VA SVS-7500VA SVS-10KVA SVS-15KVA SVS-20KVA SVS-30KVA
      Power 500VA 1000VA 1500VA 2000VA 3000VA 5000VA 7500VA 10000VA 15000VA 20000VA 30000VA
      Technology Fully automatic MCU controlled circuit + toroidal transformer
      Transformer Copper Servo Motor Type Transformer
      Input Input voltage range 150-250V AC / 100-250V AC
      Input frequency 50Hz
      Output Output voltage 220V AC / 220V+110V
      Output precision ± 3%
      Delay Time  6s /180s selectable
      Efficiency 95%
      Phase Single phase
      Graphic Display Colorful LCD screen  Input voltage, output voltage, input current, loading rate (%)
      Icon display Working, delaying, overload, over voltage, under voltage
      Protection High voltage Output cutoff + working icon flashes
      Low voltage Output cutoff + low-volt icon flashes
      Over load Output cutoff + over-load icon flashes
      High temperature Output cutoff at temperature 115
      Short circuit Circuit breaker trip off
      Cooling system Air Cooled Smart Fan (Automatic Startup at 65°C)
      Safety standards CE (LVD + EMC) , EN60950, EN55024
      Operating conditions Operating temperature -5 - 45
      Stroage temperature -15 - 45
      Operating relative humidity 10%RH - 90%RH, Non-condensing









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